Shared Memories

A number of people have provided us with some photos and stories of their experiences.  This page serves as a place to display their memories.  If you have an experience, photos or memories to share, please send them to .

Waiting for the Boat Home

Morphy and MacDonald

The chap sitting on the nose cone is Leading Aircraftman MacDonald from Windsor Ontario. Standing is Alix Morphy originally from Winnipeg.


In this photo is Ed Firth and MacDonald again, taken during an engine change on a Lancaster while they were awaiting room on a ship going home to Canada. These pictures are dated February 1946 and were taken at RAF Leeming, Yorkshire. The Lancaster in question might have been named "Vicky the Delivery Gal." Photos provided by Mr. Ed Firth.

427 'Lion' Squadron at the Zoo

Mareth, cub of the Prime Minister's lion, Rota, was officially adopted as mascot of the "Lion" Bomber Squadron, RCAF, but will remain at the zoo.  W/CDR R. S. Turnbull, DFM, is behind the banner (left).